I was recently talking to some of my college friends when I noticed that they would get a notification from BeReal and would instantly jump on their phones and start clicking quirky pictures to post on their account. This reminded of the new instagram feature where there are templates like "post a random picture of yourself" or "post a pic of your pet" etc. and it surprisingly received a lot of engagement and led me to an app idea (its a trash idea, but what if it works?).

instagram template saying "post a pic of your pet"

The Idea

I have never used BeReal before so I asked my friend if I could go through their account and see how the app works. I was of the impression that the hype for BeReal was over, but boi was i wrong! People were still pretty active on BeReal and they had a feature similar to SnapStreaks. I thought about building an app that was a closed community of students in a college campus (like GroupMe) and everyday would come with a new prompt tailored to the students of that university and people would have to post a picture of that to the feed that everyone on the campus (except the professors 😉) can see and it would be a closed social media network (like Facebook originally was).

I'm 90% sure that this is a bad idea, but that other 10% just seems to keep nagging me. I don't have any other project ideas at the moment so I'm gonna be spending my time building this app. I'm gonna be using the same "goliath tech stack" that I generally use:


I've already starting building some of the app and I've got some screenshots to share. please do not judge/read the text because i use random/weird text when testing and designing components

Current state of the app

I will probably finish the app in about 2 weeks, then upload it to the app stores (i've been wanting to join the apple dev program for so long). Then, I gotta rope in some of my marketing major friends and get them to start using the app and get their friends and their friends to join it too. And a few years down the road, boom! billion dollar company 🚀.

If it works, it works. If it doesn't, onto the next idea.